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This article is a piece of informative document and was meant for providing information regarding who is considered as a Best Astrologer in India, Delhi, rather than of promoting an Astrologer from this state or from the country. Top Astrologer in india is a term used to describe an Astrologer, who possesses the best possible knowledge of Astrological calculation and prediction. Best Astrologer in India, Delhi refers to a person who is an India native, hails from either Delhi or from any part of the country, offers quality Astrology service to Indian or to foreign natives. Astrology finds its deep root in ancient India and Vedic form of Astrology is India’s own Astrology system that has been adopted in the early centuries. At the time of Hellenistic period and from Greek influences the Indian form of Astrology or Vedic Astrology was introduced for practise and later modified to its present modern form. Astrological and Astronomical observations in India had begun as early as before 1000 BC. During the Greek rule India had acquired its own form of Astrology and begun practising Astrology with its unique form, which is known as Vedic form of Astrology. This Indian form of Astrology which is also termed as Hindu Astrology is actually much more than of simply the calculation and future prediction. It is based on the early medieval compilation texts, notably Bhat Parasar, Horasashta, Saravali etc, which were translated to Sanskrit from Greek Astrological texts. Kashi or Varanasi is famous for conservation of Vedic or Indian Astrological early treatise, where Astrology is taught to the people owing to become an Astrologer.

From the above discussion it is understood that Vedic or Hindu form of Astrology, which is the unique Indian Astrological form has been in practise in India since the ancient era. Best Astrologer in India, Delhi is an Astrologer who possesses the best knowledge in Vedic Astrology, practising Astrology and offering service to Indian and to foreigners. Vedic or Hindu Astrology is different from western Astrology in terms of calculation and prediction method, as well as for using of Zodiac. Indian or Vedic form of Astrology relied on the Sidereal Zodiac, rather than of Western Tropical Zodiac. In these aspects Indian form of Astrology is totally different from Western Astrological form and is a unique Astrological form. An Astrologer in India, Delhi considered best Astrologer not only for possessing of best possible knowledge of Vedic Astrology, but also for possessing the knowledge of Tantra Sadhana and for possessing the quality or ability of remedy advice. Famous Astrologer in India, Delhi refers to a person well versed with all the calculation, drawing of birth chart and prediction methods of Vedic Astrology. He or she might be from any part of India or from Delhi and practising Astrology in India, Delhi or providing Astrological service to people of the country and to the people of Delhi or to residents of foreign countries. Those who are practising Indian form of Astrology in India, Delhi or providing Astrological service are named the Best Vedic Astrologers or Best Hindu Astrologers.